In this super-optimised tech world, writing a same block of code too many times is a mundane task and a bad practice. That’s where code reusability needs to be shown up.

In Front end JS frameworks, we create common components and inject them in the other component(s) wherever needed. Developing a reusable Header is the best example of such a common component.

Likewise, from backend developer’s perspective, when it comes to API development, we can choose to go with a mechanism which would provoke code reusability principle. In this case, Stored Procedure is the way out !

To begin with…

Managing async operations in a flawless way is what every multi-state JS application aims for. In this ever-changing world of JS, state management has always been a key topic to watch out for.

Redux is usually the first library every JS dev tends to go for when it comes to state management. Now the time has come to take a baby steps towards Redux-Saga. It is a redux middleware, a library which ensures that all async data becomes easily manageable and error-handling efficient.

In order to be friends with Redux-Saga, let’s have an intro to it’s features and terminologies :

  1. Generator functions:

Redux-Saga makes use of ES6 feature called Generators ,it makes async flows easy to read…

Omkar Kothavale

UI enthusiast | Logophile

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